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Northern Song Dynasty is Jessica Bailiff and Jesse Edwards (Red Morning Chorus).  Edwards and Bailiff began writing and recording material together in 1999. 


“The harmonies slowly build to a crescendo and carry the sublime instrumentation along with them against a backdrop of surreal sounds that is at once enchanting and deep” - Ptolemaic Terrascope




 1. The Disappearance of
     Patrick Phillip
 2. Seizures
 3. Saving a Lost Soul from
     the Cold of the Night
 4. Before
 5. Those Days
 6. Storm
 7. Tromba D'aria
 8. Circle Road
 9. Changing of the Seasons
10. One Step Down




Taking three years to complete this album, the flow of time and weather naturally influenced Northern Song Dynasty's song structures, sounds, and lyrical content.  Jessica and Jesse also sing of relationships: man and woman, parent and child, friend and friend.  The result is moody, psychedelic pop, that also takes cues from folk and electronic music


Guest appearances by Fred Thomas (flashpapr, Saturday Looks Good To Me) and Cortney Bird provide nuances to the closing track.  However, the album was not complete until Iker Spozio (good friend and illustrator for England's Ptolemaic Terrascope zine) created the cover art:  “Woman emerges from the sea to spark the light of the sun.”  (AIN002)


Released October 25, 2005.