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The members of Cristal came together in a Richmond, Virginia kitchen over a batch of sangria in 2001. The band members, Jimmy Anthony, Bobby Donne (who is also a member of Labradford), and Greg Darden use a variety of electronic devices, sources, and recording locations to improvise and/or compose. The result can be beautiful, relaxing, chaotic or challenging, often all at once. Volume is critical.


“The threesome create tracks that mix drone-landscaping with surgical penis methods in a way that is sure to make you salute.  By turns lilting, dark and noisesome, this music feels like a sharp fingernail circling your navel slowly inside a tightly shuttered room.  Just be careful you don’t have anything in the way when they decide to slam the door shut.  It might hurt.” – Byron Coley, the Wire

1.  8:59

2.  10:44

3.  5:32

4.  4:42



Cristal’s first full-length release.  Four dynamic tracks housed in a tri-panel digipak designed to showcase the paintings of ERCYVK.  (AIN003)


Released October 25th, 2005.


Real Audio tracks:
1.  Spokane: A Small Commotion
2.  Cristal: Prieure



The first in a series of irrational releases, this three inch CDr EP was sold during the 2004 Spokane/Cristal tour of Europe. Limited to 200, each disc is hand numbered and comes in a custom sleeve. Both songs are unavailable elsewhere. (ainπ)


$5 includes US shipping, $8 rest of the world


Released February 2004.


Real Audio tracks:
1.  13:43
2.  5:25



All is Number Record's inaugural release, Cristal's self titled EP. The limited, first pressing is available as a three inch CD in a unique jewel case. (AIN001)


Released August 2003.