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UK based singer, composer, and producer Matt Shaw records, in one of his guises, as Tex La Homa, a name lifted from Canadian author Douglas Coupland's 1991 novel “Generation X”. Tex La Homa released their first EP, Good News for the Dead, in 2000; and their first album, Dazzle Me With Transience, in 2002. Matt continues to actively record and tour both as Tex La Homa and also recently with Nick Grey (48 Cameras, Milk & Moon Recordings) as 230 Divisadero. .


01.  Nowhere to Run

02.  Can't Wait

03.  The Other Window

04.  Be There

05.  Invisible Suburbs

06.  Obsessed With Angels

07.  Vapour Trails

08.  Every Mornings Dawn

09.  The Circle

10.  And So You

11.  Santander

12.  Daisy Chain




Described as “heartbreakingly pretty melodies”, this album blends Matt’s quiet vocals with lo-fi guitars and electronics to create a sequence of chilled-out, cinematic ballads. Previously released only in Japan (& Records), this release the of “Some Lost Bliss” in other territories.  (AIN004)


Released December 4, 2007.