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Richard Walker (or Richard Amp) is the founder of the band AMP, as well as being one of the key players in the early 90's experimental, psychedelic “scene” in Bristol.  After participating in the now legendary “Secret Garden” with Dave Pearce (flying saucer attack), Richard began releasing AMP recordings in 1992. Since then, Richard has released some of the most influential and beautiful recordings of the last fourteen years as AMP (with Karine Charff) and AMP Studio.


01.  Self Destruct

02.  Charivari

03.  The Crossroads

04.  A Light in the Darkness

05.  Holloman

06.  Derive

07.  Collapsar

08.  Suspend

09.  Fat Chance

10.  Trying Times

11.  Soft is Hard




Moi Non Plus is an intimate piano-based album written and recorded in various locations over a two year period utilizing found sounds and ‘available’ pianos.  The result:  beautiful, emotive compositions that bridge the gap between romantic and conceptual.  This is Richard’s first truly solo release, a very personal and alluring work.  (AIN006)


Released November 14th, 2006.